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About us Iran Pash company

Iranpash company is a manufacturer of largest integrated polyethylene tank in the world.

This company was established in1987 in Iran with managment of Dr Mir.Ghasem Mirzadeh.

We are producer of over than 600 polyethylene products.

some of our company's production are as bellow:

(vertival and cubic،horizontal،conical bottom)tank From 50 up to 65000 Liters.

Different kinds of tub with capacity 60 up 30000 Liters.

Different kinds of dustbin،double walled chests،floating jetties.

Various kind of boat and water tricycle.

Different kind of cooling towers،decorative production and playground،amusement park eguipment،water slide،driving and traffic sign and ...

also،we have been a member of rotary molding association in the world & we are in touch with the affiliation of rotational molding in the world.

We also produce any kind of machine in:

- Rotational Molding Machinery
- Polyethylene Granule Mills

we accept any new project, We are waiting to your  valuable offers.